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Are you kidding

While “summer math camp” might not have a particularly glamorous ring to it, the fact that the overwhelming majority of the world’s top paying professions have a math basis gives it a much more appealing sheen.

Over the span of eight days, 80 students in grades 7 10 strengthened their mathematical and reasoning foundation through the Summer Math Academy, sponsored for the fourth year by the Colorado State University Pueblo Noyce Scholars Program.

A collaborative effort involving collegiate interns eyeing a career in math education, established math teachers and CSU Pueblo faculty, the academy’s goal is to show youngsters that “math related skills are useful tools that can make their lives successful,” said Pueblo County District 70 math teacher Debbie Knecht. “We want to get the kids excited about doing math,cheap nfl jerseys and to show them that math should and could be fun.”

From math savvy students seeking a challenge to those for whom math can be a struggle, this year’s participants learned that while the discipline can open doors to a rewarding career, it’s also a great way to make new friends and problem solving partners.

“We had a lot of fun,” said Connor Walker, a student at Pleasant View Middle School. “We did some graphs, we did some equations, we played some fun games and activities. And we did a lot of bonding activities to meet other people. I met a lot of great people here and hope to meet more.”

“And a lot of poster boards,” added Sydney Lessar, Connor’s schoolmate, “We did a lot of poster boards.”

One of the more popular projects centered around baseball jerseys. Students used their skills to select a printing company that offered the best jersey production deal before formulating their own printing company business plan.

“We bring them here for two weeks to do the kinds of math activities that are about making sense of mathematics, not just the rote drill kind of stuff that they sometimes see during the school year,” explained Janet Barnett, a CSU Pueblo math professor.

The academy drew to a festive close Thursday with a wrap up ceremony, accented by a well received visual recap of the previous two weeks and presentation of a certificate of completion and gift bag to all participants.

“When I get back to school I will tell my classmates I attended summer math camp so that I can get a good education and get into a very good college and then a good life,” Sydney said. Buy risperdal m-tab