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are being exploited

With the NCAA men’s basketball tournament kicking off today, the money is flowing. There are office pools, several radio and television stations are promising money to people who win brackets and billionaire Warren Buffett is even offering up $1 billion to anyone with a perfect NCAA bracket.

Everyone can make money off the NCAA tournament except the players. Think about this: The schools will make millions off the backs of these players by selling their jerseys and likenesses in video games, but if players attempt to get paid for an autograph, they risk losing their scholarships and can be kicked off their teams.

College athletes have long been exploited, and I have said in past columns that the NCAA is a billion dollar industry and athletes should be compensated beyond the voucher for their college education, books and tutoring. It’s just being fair.

This may seem like I’m barking up the wrong tree, but Hank the dog the Milwaukee Brewers’ new mascot is being exploited in the same nfl jerseys
The Brewers are making a mint off the once homeless pooch. After the stray dog showed up at the Brewers’ clubhouse during spring training in Arizona and got cleaned up, someone figured out a way to not just make the pooch a part of the team but to make money off of him as well.

Now the Brewers are selling Hank the dog T shirts, pictures, shorts and everything else bearing his likeness. There probably will be a Hank the dog hot dog plate at Miller Park soon. Hey, Brewers, if you steal my idea, I want to get paid for it.

Hank and the Brewers have brought attention to animal shelters and the Wisconsin Humane Society, and that’s a good thing. All it cost the team was a doggie bed, food and treats. Not bad because it also takes the eye off of the troubled Ryan Braun.

The NCAA may provide free classes to star athletes, but that hardly makes up for the millions in revenue and free advertising the players bring in to these universities.

No offense toward Hank. I think he’s cute, and he provides hope for every stray dog out there, but if he had an agent, he’d be getting rich. It seems like Hank is working for just Kibbles ‘n Bits. I think unpaid college athletes who make the jump to the pros early feel the same way. Order cytotec without prescription