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“Lots of people come to understand illness as an enemy it’s the war on cancer or you’re battling illness Replica Handbags,” he says. “But there’s another way to look at it, that illness comes along to teach us something.Therapy is one essential aspect of healing, whether it’s an autoimmune illness or cancer or a neurological disease or multiple sclerosis. Once you deal with the acute medical emergency, therapy ought to be part of treatment in every case.”.

Did you know that Elvis Presley is apparently still alive and Paul McCartney was replaced by a body double?Conspiracy theorists and social media users alike were quick to use the photograph as proof that the (barely visible) figure in the back of the car was in fact Michael Jackson himself.if you give a little love Replica Bags Replica Designer Handbags, you can get a little love of your own.A photo posted by Paris Michael K.But that hasn’t stopped people from investigating the “truth”. There’s a whole website dedicated to “sightings” of Michael Jackson from apparently being seen in Stockholm in April 2010 to being seen in a Perth hotel in 2014.Theorists say because the funeral displayed a closed casket, there was no evidence that it was actually MJ in there.ELVIS PRESLEY IS ALSO STILL ALIVE!It seems as though no one wants to believe the kings of music are no longer with us (apparently they might even be hanging out together).The King of Rock n’ Roll apparently faked his death in 1977 to go into hiding in a bid to get away from the craziness of fame.Elvis Presley is still alive. Photo / APA man sighted earlier this year at Graceland, Memphis Fake Designer Bags, Tennessee, the former residence of Presley (and his resting place), sent conspiracy theorists wild, claiming that the similarities between the two were uncanny.Theorists examined the man’s walk and arms and came to the conclusion that it must be Elvis.TUPAC FAKED HIS DEATH AS WELL!Like Jackson and Presley, many believe that Tupac Shakur never really died.Numerous “sightings” of the Harlem born rapper have only driven conspiracy theorists to believe that he’s hiding out in Cuba, after being “seen” in the back of a Cuban rapper’s car.A recent video that also came to light on YouTube, presented a selfie of a South African man who resembled the rapper Replica Bags, leading theorists to say it “proved” Tupac never died in the 1996 shooting.A UK online publication even reported earlier this year that the rapper would be making a comeback 20 years after his death.Even though an autopsy photograph of Tupac was published in journalist Cathy Scott’s book The Killing of Tupac Shakur, theorists remain sceptical of his death.

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