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Inside a MOST Club, boys don’t need to only be strong, aggressive and in control; they can also be vulnerable, thoughtful and caring.Men Can Stop Rape Executive Director Neil Irvin said raising kids’ consciousness about gender roles and boosting their confidence helps prevent violence.”Young people who have a stake in their Order reminyl dosage own futures are less likely to buy into the attitudes or behaviors that connect to domestic violence,” he said at the start of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.Mendez, who spoke with News4 as she passed out information about Men Can Stop Rape at a youth health fair, participated in a series of YouTube videos the organization created. One video shows teens working through “the stereotypes that men and women are expected to live up to.” Another video mixes conversation about sexism and sneaker culture.”We basically take topics we usually don’t talk about and combine them with things we talk about every day,” Mendez explained.Middle schoolers and high schoolers join MOST and WISE clubs of 15 students or less after they receive a nomination telling them they have been identified as a leader, Men Can Stop Rape community education director Jason Page said. The students are flattered, so they check out the activities held at lunchtime and after school, which often include free pizza.A study conducted for Men Can Stop Rape in 2011 found that after one year in a MOST club, the majority of teen boys who participated were more likely to intervene when a boy inappropriately touched a girl or when someone shouted a sexual comment at a girl.

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