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Bangalore is making quite an impression on the fashion map. From classic to more experimental and cutting edge, designers in the city have something for everyone. If you love what Nimirta Lalwani and Manoviraj Khosla are doing with fabric and colour, stop by Collage or Ffolio to accessorise your outfit.

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The Bible says that King Saul was tormented by an evil spirit and that this spirit was sent by God. The kingdom was taken from him and given to David and though he tried his best to retain it, he could not fight against the will of God. Saul died in battle but he died by his own spear..

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Yes, I have become a recycling bore and all because I take pride in my civic responsibility to make this world a greener place to live and cut down on waste.I must confess, in the past I have been guilty of shoving stuff into black bags thinking “do you know what, I just cannot be bothered to recycle this” and “is this one little bag going intolandfill really going to make that much difference?”Well, of course, times that by a several hundred and it jolly well will make an enormous difference.I hate wasting things, which is why I’m known in our house as the teatime Nazi, insisting my children clear their plates so I don’t have to put it in our rubbish.Well, if Colchester Council has its way, we won’t have to. We will stick it in a food waste bin and my children can rest easy.While I do agree with the councillor who said any changes had to be made with residents’ backing, I find her reason for standing for election Replica Hermes Handbags, because her family were frustrated with the amountthey had to sort for recycling, as quite staggering.We are all very busy but we must find the time to do this for the sake of our families, who presumably do not want to live in a society that is swathed in rubbish and food waste.So bring on the food waste bin, the green glass bin, the brown glass bin and the bin for those plastic bits they annoyingly tie toys together with. Bring them all on if it means less is going intoCurrently we can recycle paper, card, drink cans, biscuit tins, kitchen foil, yoghurt pots, buckets, bubble wrap and cling film I know, can you believe we can recycle cling film? And that’s justthe tip of the recycling iceberg.And it gets picked up from our doorsteps, all we have to do is put it in the right bin.So yes, if reducing black bin collections encourages more people to recycle, then I’m all for it, but you’ve probably guessed that already.Fortnightly collections are all well and good and my go some way to increasing recycling.

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